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Dealership Video Marketing
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Turn Your Photos into Professional Videos with Our Dealership Video Marketing Service

Do you want to add videos of your inventory to your site but don’t have the time, resources or knowledge to do so? We can help! Through our dealership video marketing service, we take your photos and turn them into compelling videos, complete with motion, music and professional voiceovers. Furthermore, the end of each video features an informative segment on each vehicle’s qualifications, giving potential buyers everything they need to know in advance. See below to learn more about the other awesome features that come with this service.

Lead-Generating Forms

One of the best ways to capture the business of an online buyer is to give them a call to action. And with our dealership marketing service, we can help you do just that! On the same page we upload your video, we also add a lead-generating form that prompts viewers to enter their contact information. By having this feature front and center, you keep customers engaged and generate better leads for your company. It’s a win-win!

Maps, Social Sharing, & More!

Nothing is more frustrating for a customer than going to a website and not being able to find any contact information. Especially when it comes to dealerships, individuals want this information readily available. Thus, we have included a Google Map pop-up at the end of every video, so your customers know exactly where you are and how long it will take to drive to your location. This window also includes options to rate or share the video to social platforms, ultimately giving you a greater internet presence.

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Download Our App & Send Your Video to Anyone, Anywhere

Just as viewers can share videos from your site to their Facebook or Twitter, you can also share them from our innovative app. This software, known as VidCom, gathers all of your videos in one place, so you can share them with the world whenever you want. Whether you wish to promote a new vehicle on social media or send a message directly to the phone or email of a prospective client, you’ll find everything you need right in our app.

Another advantage of our video sharing app is a feature called “Introduce Yourself.” As the title implies, this portion of the app allows you to record a short video introducing yourself and the featured automobile. Moreover, Vid Com is free for all new clients, and it takes three to five days to set up with no fees and no contracts. Now that’s what you call a deal!

More Information

To learn more about our app, dealership video marketing or any of our other services, call 1-877-276-7627. We are based out of  Chicago, and proudly serve customers all across the US and Canada.