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Dealership Video Marketing Chicago
Man Watching Videos on His Phone of Our Dealership Video Marketing for Chicago

Increase Your Engagement Online with Our Dealership Video Marketing for Chicago

It’s well-known that consumers are more likely to engage with a video over a photo. For this reason, many dealerships have started to put videos of their inventory on their sites. And many of these dealerships are recruiting marketing companies to help. V13 Media, based out of Schaumburg IL, is one such company. We specialize in dealership video marketing for the Chicago area, but we also work with clients across the US and Canada.

The Process

What we do is simple. We take your existing photos and turn them into professional videos, complete with music, motion and professional narration. Once we are finished, we upload it right onto your site, and from there, your customers can reshare the content to either their Facebook or Twitter.

Features & Added Benefits

In addition to social sharing options, our dealership video marketing for Chicago also comes with several other deliverables. We’ve outlined a few below:

  • Search Engine Optimization – When we upload your video to your site, we will also tag it for SEO. We are one of the few marketing companies that do this, ultimately helping your content rank higher in organic search.
  • Lead-Generating Forms – A video might grab the attention of a potential buyer. But in order for an individual to reach out, they will need a strong call to action. Thus, we include a lead-generating form under each video. This form has slots for gathering a name, email and phone number. It also has a box for any questions or comments about a specific listing.
  • Similar Videos – In addition to lead-generating forms, your web page will also call out a handful of similar videos for your customer to watch. These videos are generated based on qualities consistent with the original search.
Camera Lens Used for Dealership Video Marketing in Chicago

Did You Know? We Also Have an App!

Outside of all the elements we add to your website, we also have an app. This software is designed for you or your team to share videos through various channels, including Facebook, Twitter, email and text. Furthermore, there is also a feature that allows you to attach an additional video to the original footage. This tool lets you add a personal touch to your video or provide additional information on the automobile.

Get Started

Are you ready to start wowing your customers with one of the most stunning video presentations in the industry? Call us at 1-877-276-7627 to learn more about our dealership video marketing for Chicago. We are based out of Schaumburg IL, and proudly serve customers across the US and Canada.