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Dealership Video Marketing Naperville IL
Camera Lense Used for Dealership Video Marketing in Naperville IL

Dealership Video Marketing for Naperville IL That Will Impress Your Audience

When a customer comes to your site searching for a new vehicle, they are looking for something that will stand out. And what better way to catch the attention of an interested customer than with a stunning video? Here at V13, we offer such a product through our dealership video marketing for Naperville IL. Using your current photos and videos, we string together a presentation that will impress your customers and ultimately earn you more leads.

How It Works

Our dealership marketing service can be summed up in a few simple steps:

  1. You give us all current photos or videos of your inventory.
  2. We take all the assets you give us and turn them into one of the most stunning video presentations in the industry.
  3. With our cutting-edge “ai” technology, we add music, transitions and real voiceover audio. At your request, we can also adjust the visuals in the video to match your company’s current branding.
  4. After we’ve edited your video, we’ll upload it to your dealership website. When we do this, we’ll also push your video to other high-traffic sites such as Youtube, AutoTrader and Cars.com. This will increase your visibility on the web, ultimately helping you generate more leads.

It’s as easy as that! Once your videos are uploaded, you can sit back and let the inquiries roll in. And they will because as part of our video marketing service, we also add a contact form to your website. This box is conveniently located underneath your videos, so interested buyers can submit their questions while the info is still fresh in their minds.

Our Videos Encourage Your Customers to Share on Social Media

Each of the videos placed on your site also includes options for sharing to social. That means, if a vehicle isn’t the right fit for one individual, they can still share it with their friends on Facebook or Twitter. And, since our product also has a feature that suggests similar vehicles, the original viewer still has a chance to find what they are looking for.

Woman Watching Videos Made by Our Dealership Video Marketing for Naperville IL

Additional Features Available on our Video Sharing App

When you invest in our dealership video marketing for Naperville IL, you get free access to our video-sharing app! This revolutionary program comes with social sharing buttons that let you post your videos on Facebook and Twitter. It also has options to text or email your videos to potential buyers. Before you send a message off, though, you’ll want to spend some time with the “Introduce Yourself” feature. This section of our app lets you personalize your message with a brief clip that will play at the beginning of your video.

Learn More

For more information on our app or questions concerning our dealership video marketing for Naperville IL, call 1-877-276-7627. We are based out of  Schaumburg IL, and proudly serve customers all across the US and Canada.